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Oklahoma’s Red Dirt Report Won Iowa Primary News Cycle

Oklahoma’s Red Dirt Report Won Iowa Primary News Cycle

Red Dirt Report bannerThe online news site of independent journalism known as The Red Dirt Report provided the best news coverage of the Iowa 2016 presidential caucuses in the state, bar none. With four, count ’em, four, reporters in tow, the RDR team fanned out to learn what the candidates were saying, as well as what the voters were thinking going in to the first state referendum in the US presidential campaign.

Their wrap up piece on the experience, Some Takeaways from Iowa, by RDR founder and editor Andrew W. Griffin, assessed each candidate that they managed to cover in the whirlwind final days leading up to the Feb. 1 caucuses, and a few they didn’t — and maybe didn’t need to.

Some of the other pieces, from Griffin and his reporters Tim Farley, Sarah Hussain and Nick Oxford include

All RDR’s 2016 election coverage, past and future, can be found on the site under the 2016 Election Central banner. Visting the landing page, you’ll find the candidates you hear about in the commercial media, but also third party candidates that most often get overlooked, along with their important ideas for change. This is especially true in Oklahoma, where those parties still can’t get on the ballot readily, or their candidates even written in by the voters who prefer then. But the Red Dirt Report isn’t overlooking them or their voices. Frankly, it might be the only news source you need  during this (far too long) campaign season.