Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Another reason not to shop at Walmart (if you are pro-public education)

It was announced Tuesday that the Walton Family Foundation, run by the heirs of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club, will be starting what their crack PR department has dubbed “The Building Equity Initiative” to distribute $250 million in 17 cities — including Oklahoma City and Tulsa — for helping the charter schools movement expand.

It’s well documented that charter schools help further damage public school by siphoning off money and more advantaged students.

And this isn’t the first volley by the Walton gang in the pro-charter war on public education.

If you have any viable options (and I know in many rural communities, alternatives have been eliminated thanks to Walmart’s long history of price fixing), please spend your money elsewhere. Even buying online is preferable if you only have Walmart in your locale (maybe use our Amazon portal link).

And hug a public school teacher, then make a donation to some pro-public school organization, for every time you just have to go to the dark side.

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