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Next Steps for Our Revolution Oklahoma City

Next Steps for Our Revolution Oklahoma City

Follow-up OUR REVOLUTION Kickoff– August 24th, OKC

ourrev_susanSeveral organizations including Change Oklahoma, Bernie Sanders supporters and former staffers along with Oklahoma City Democratic Socialists and Democracy for America joined together to host a kickoff for Our Revolution in OKC. Many progressive central Oklahoma state legislative candidates were present for a meet and greet. During the program, Connie Johnson, Vice Chair of the OK State Democratic Party and Delegate to the Democratic National Convention gave a summary of the national convention and Ed Shadid, Oklahoma City Councilman Ward 2 and Gloria Torres, Oklahoma City School Board spoke about the significance of local elective office.

(Find an audio recording of all the local speakers here.)

Then we heard Bernie Sander’s address as he defined the first steps of OUR REVOLUTION.  (See video below.)

Initial goals of OUR REVOLUTION-OK as discussed.

  • We will utilize Our Revolution’s Issue Platform as our criteria in determining progressive candidates, we will organize canvasses and/or phone banks between September 13th- November 8th; the dates and times TBD. Look for FB & Bernie Sanders event signups to follow. WE NEED YOU!
  • A 14 day push on Oklahoma’s seven State Questions – Our Revolution OK’s positions on each— a 2 day promotion of each via Social Media, beginning October 26th. WE NEED YOU!
  • Working towards increasing progressive numbers within the Oklahoma Democratic Party. To be accomplished by becoming Precinct Officers and running for offices at the county, district and state level. Bernie’s overwhelming victory in OK in the Presidential Primary on March 1st should be reflected in the makeup of our Party. If YOU are a registered Democrat, we NEED you to become a Precinct Officer, if interested contact Susan McCann via Facebook, or this site. Responsibilities are minimal but so important to our efforts. WE NEED YOU!
  • Creating a Progressive Caucus within the State Party, details to be discussed during our October meeting. WE NEED YOU!
  • Developing opportunities for those Progressives interested in running for office or participating in campaign activities. WE NEED YOU!

It is our intention to hold meetings every 2 months on the last Wednesday of the month beginning Wednesday, October 26th. Location and time TBD, we will send out a reminder with details as we near the date. At the October meeting each of the State Questions will be thoroughly discussed. There will be guest speakers as well.

Plan on attending, mark your calendars now!



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