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Our Revolution Kickoff Party OKC (audio)

Our Revolution Kickoff Party OKC (audio)

The Oklahoma Activist Public Affairs Network recorded the Oklahoma City Kickoff Party for Our Revolution, a new activist organization inspired by Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Features an address by Sanders about the mission and goals of the group. Local speakers were OKC Councilman Ed Shadid and Oklahoma City Public School Board member Gloria Torres.

Transcript (intro):

Hello, this is Serena Blaiz for the Oklahoma Activist Public Affairs Network, reporting from Oklahoma City. It’s August 25, 2016. Last night in OKC, as in hundreds of cities across the nation, citizens gathered for house parties large and small to take the next step in the Bernie Sanders-inspired movement for political change in the US, that being the kickoff of “Our Revolution” a new organization which will promote the concerns, values and policies that were highlighted in the Sanders campaign, including income inequality, international trade agreements, access to education and money in politics, among many others. The gatherings featured a live stream of Sanders introducing the organization and its immediate plans for supporting progressive candidates in the 2016 elections.

One of those parties took place here in Oklahoma City, and was definitely too large for the average house so organizers rented the IBEW Local 1141 Union Hall. IBEW, of course, stands for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

The event was jointly organized by Susan McCann of Change Oklahoma and the local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), along with former Senator Connie Johnson, who was a recent delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia – the only superdelegate in Oklahoma to support Sanders despite him winning the state in the primary, and rather convincingly – something she addressed in her remarks last night.

What you’re going to hear is about 40 minutes of the organizers talking about local plans for political action, primarily within the Democratic Party structure, and two guest speakers, OKC City Councilman Ed Shadid, and OKC school board member Gloria Torres. Shadid and Torres both serve in non-partisan bodies, and speak more to more general electoral public service.

The live streamed presentation from Sanders’ home base in Vermont started with a promotional video for Our Revolution, which we include here. Then our mics were paused until after the roughly hour-long feed, and we pick up with some closing remarks from the organizers.

Here’s Connie Johnson getting the event started.

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