Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Pointing Left Podcast is back! Episode 20 Dec 1 2017

Pointing Left for Dec. 1, 2017. Serena Blaiz apologizes for this in advance!

So this podcast episode is a mess — mic failed and you will have to listen to the backup as recorded by my tablet. That being the case, I also decided to leave unedited. All bets are off! But really, the content is halfway decent, considering I stepped off the podcast cliff and recorded without a script! Yay, me!

Serena looks at news items from the past week:

  • Protest of tax cut bill at Senator Lankford’s office in OKC
  • DOC 2018 budget request
  • Save OKC Schools ballot initiative
  • Ending land run reenactments in Edmond
  • Pink Tax
  • World AIDS Day
  • OKC Mayors race
  • Amnesty International Write for Rights

Music is Oklahoma Blues by Watermelon Slim, used with permission.