Home NewsMayflower Church holds Vigil at OKC ICE facility
Mayflower Church holds Vigil at OKC ICE facility

Mayflower Church holds Vigil at OKC ICE facility

Brett Dickerson posted a story on FreePressOKC.com on March 19 about the work of Mayflower Congregational Church in support of immigrants being monitored or detained by ICE. Dickerson reported on a vigil at local offices of the federal agency, where congregants were joined by members of the local DREAM community.

The group of about ten Mayflower Congregational Church, UCC members were joined by a few other immigration activists from the Deportation Defense Team of Dream Action Oklahoma, affiliate of United We Dream, an advocacy group pushing for Congress to pass a Dream Act and opposing deportations until it passes.

Mayflower, the story noted, is the only openly declared sanctuary church in OKC, meaning that that they will oppose unjust actions against immigrants, and provide assistance to individuals and families impacted by the more extreme policies in recent years.

An interesting part of the story was how paranoid ICE was about the peaceful, prayerful, vigilers. They were referring to the event as a “protest” as if it were a full scale declaration of battle, and responded in full tactical gear. Sounds like a classic case of projection, but maybe they need to be shown what a real protest – still nonviolent but not afraid to use that label – is like.

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