Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018
Category: Elections

2016 election night watch parties for Oklahoma progressives

With some state legislative races in the tossup column, Oklahoma Lefties might well have more than just national level victories to celebrate on election night. Certainly reason enough to share the excitement with others and not biting your nails alone in front of your TV — or, heaven forbid, Republicans! There are a slew of […]

Our Revolution Kickoff Party OKC (audio)

The Oklahoma Activist Public Affairs Network recorded the Oklahoma City Kickoff Party for Our Revolution, a new activist organization inspired by Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Features an address by Sanders about the mission and goals of the group. Local speakers were OKC Councilman Ed Shadid and Oklahoma City Public School Board member Gloria Torres. […]

Candidates forum on medical marijuana

Audio: Candidates discuss positions on legalizing medical marijuana at OKC forum

A candidate forum on medical marijuana was held on April 20, 2016. Organized by Oklahoma Coalition to End Prohibition and Oklahomans for Health, the event was held in Oklahoma City and moderated by Chelsea Marlett-Kennedy and William Patrick Jones. The position of participating candidates was unanimous in legalizing for medical purposes, but differences emerged in […]

Bernie’s supporters organizing for primary victory in Oklahoma

Supporters of Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign filled the large expanse of the Oklahoma City Teamsters Union Hall the evening of February 10 as local, state and national organizers encouraged the group and signed up canvassers for an all-out effort to help Sanders win the Oklahoma primary on March 1. The event came a day after […]

Red Dirt Report banner

Oklahoma’s Red Dirt Report Won Iowa Primary News Cycle

The online news site of independent journalism known as The Red Dirt Report provided the best news coverage of the Iowa 2016 presidential caucuses in the state, bar none. With four, count ’em, four, reporters in tow, the RDR team fanned out to learn what the candidates were saying, as well as what the voters […]