Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Category: Opinion and Analysis

Dead Canary States

Oklahoma and Kansas are dead canary states. Both have succumbed like a canary in a coal mine to the toxic air of a radically right wing, corporate controlled, fossil fuel dominated, theocratic leaning, and ALEC orchestrated republican government that has … Continue reading

Conservatives Broke The Great State Of Oklahoma | OkieFunk

So the bankruptcies and the layoffs continue in the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma, and what the local corporate power brokers and the GOP state leadership aren’t telling you is that it’s only going to get much worse and it’s going to be devastating for all of us, except the wealthiest here. Source: Conservatives […]

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Mic drop comment highlights The Oklahoman’s complete hypocrisy

OKC activist David Glover, of badvoter.org fame, gave The Oklahoman/NewsOK a classic comeback on their hypocritical editorial chastising the legislature for following their previous advise, over many years, to cut cut cut taxes and give give give tax breaks to the 1%. Wake up! The Editorial Board helped cause this problem. You all have been […]

Catapulting the Propaganda* about Aubrey McClendon

If you are living in Oklahoma City this month (or visiting for that matter) you have been deluged with the accolades for Aubrey McClendon after he apparently killed himself in a single car crash the day after being indicted by the DOJ. We are not going to link to those, they are readily found if […]

Introducing Pointing Left Podcast – Episode 1

Pointing Left is a new podcast bringing Oklahoma a critical alternative perspective on the state’s politics and culture. Serena Blaiz, “The Accidental Okie,” reports on recent news of interest to left leaning Oklahoma citizens, upcoming events and shares a progressive editorial that can’t often be found in the commercial media outlets. The podcast began February […]