Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Category: Pointing Left

Left in Oklahoma Episode 32: Citizen lobbying with Michelle Stearnes

Serena Blaiz talks in depth with Michelle Stearnes, an ardent citizen lobbyist at the state Capitol. Michelle tells how she got started, and how it snowballed into a major part of her life. She shares her optimism about the future of politics in Oklahoma, based on her sustained work at canvassing the neighborhoods of central […]

Left in Oklahoma epsode 31 graphic

Left in Oklahoma podcast episode 31 – Teachers Walkout Week 1

Serena Blaiz gets well in time to support and report on the teachers’ walkout, including a rant about the backlash from the political and media establishment. Stand up for education, don’t stand for bullshit! https://archive.org/download/liok31/liok31.mp3 Notes Mentioned content: OK Department of Public Safety, Sara Bana,  Mark Faulk, Rep. Enns, Gov. Fallin, Cory Williams, Aaron Michael […]

Left in Oklahoma Podcast Episode 28 The Kids Are Alright

February 26, 2018 – Gun violence & student activism, second amendment history, “Tulsa Race Riot,” industrial hemp, criminal justice reform, OK legislators suppressing democracy — again. https://archive.org/download/liok28/liok28b.mp3 Links March for Our Lives 3/24/18  OKC | Tulsa Oklahoma congressman who owns rifle factory blames videogames and lack of Jesus in schools for Florida massacre Sen. James […]

Left in Oklahoma Podcast Episode 27 Building a citizen lobby army

Feb. 19, 2018 – Spotlight on citizen advocacy at the State Capitol with Mom’s Demand Action, Let’s Fix This and Oklahoma Conference of Churches. The House Chaplaincy program seeks to block diversity. Criminal justice reform is working. Hunger Free Oklahoma. https://archive.org/download/liok27/liok27.mp3 Hosted by Serena Blaiz. Theme music by Watermelon Slim, used with permission. Meme of […]

Left in Oklahoma Podcast Episode 26, February 12, 2018

Serena Blaiz reports on bills to support and oppose, clean water activism, the OKC “election” and shares some musical parodies with political messages. Just another week in  a city and state failed by its oligarchic rulers. https://archive.org/download/leftinok26/leftinok26.mp3   Links: Michael Brooks-Jimenez’ No Budget, No Pay petition Mark Davies: Oklahoma, Step Beyond Fossil Fuel Waterkeepers: Coal Ash […]

Pointing Left Podcast Episode 24 Jan 30 2018

Serena Blaiz ends a month hiatus by looking at a slurry of state of the ___ speeches. State of the Union terror alert, State of the State BS, State of the City elitism. Thankfully Bob Waldrop provides a solid alternative message about the real state/history of OKC and Rena expounds on the state of the resistance. Other news items and upcoming events.

Pointing Left Podcast Episode 22 Dec 21 2017

Playing catch-up on the political news in central Oklahoma! Reports on Our Revolution Oklahoma, Oklahoma County Democratic Party, the Kirk Humphreys blowout and blowback, and more. https://archive.org/download/pointingleft22/pointingleft22.mp3

Pointing Left Podcast is back! Episode 20 Dec 1 2017

Pointing Left for Dec. 1, 2017. Serena Blaiz apologizes for this in advance! https://archive.org/download/pointingleft20171201/pointingleft20171201.mp3 So this podcast episode is a mess — mic failed and you will have to listen to the backup as recorded by my tablet. That being the case, I also decided to leave unedited. All bets are off! But really, the […]