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How to post your content

How to post your content

wp post screenOnce you have created an account, you can participate in the forum, and post comments to others’ posts without moderation. If you want to create posts on your own, submit a request through the contact form (sorry for this step, but spam has caused us to turn off immediately allowing free access to posting).

Log in with your account id and password, and then you should be taken to the Dashboard page, but if not, put http://oklahomaactivist.com/wp-admin/ in your browser address field.
Note: At first, your posts will be saved for review, until you have the hang of the process. This is primarily to check for formatting issues until you have the hang of it. Bad formatting in a post can “break” the display. We don’t edit or filter for content as long as the tone is civil and the content progressive. If you feel you are out of the noobie stage with WordPress and general formatting conventions, and we haven’t noticed yet, contact us for a promotion.

WordPress basics

This site uses the WordPress software. If you have blogged at WordPress.com, or have run your own WP site, then you are familiar with how to post on this site, except perhaps for a few local conventions. But if you are new to WordPress, you can find a lot of info on the web, since it’s a very well known CMS (Content Management System). Here’s a good basic explanation of the New Post screen.


Here are the “local conventions” mentioned above!

  • Don’t make your post titles (and certainly not your entire post) in ALL CAPS. The theme sets off the title in bold well enough (unlike FB).
  • Use header tags (h1 through h6) for headers, like subtitles, not for just bolding some text in a paragraph. Anything put in a header tag will automatically be displayed on a line by itself.
  • Don’t over-use bolding or colored text, like put your entire post in bold red to make it stand out, for instance.

Basically, your editor has an OCD need for all posts on the site to display in a consistent way. Anyway, on the front page excerpt, such formatting is stripped out anyway, so such attention getting methods don’t really work.


Whenever possible, upload a photo with your post, because the theme displays them advantageously. If you already upload images you take or have the right to use on a site like Google Photos or Flickr, you can insert the URL into the External Featured Image field. Or you can host an image you took at a site like Flickr or Google Photos and insert that URL.
Uploading: If you are a photographer, you can host photos on OklahomaActivist.com that relate to your post, but you need to optimize them first, meaning reduce their file size to under 150KB.


WordPress assigns the Uncategorized category by default. My major beef with the software is that it does not remove that category if you assign another one: you have to manually un-tick the Uncategorized box. Please do, if you can remember. The Featured category is only for OA exclusive content. Don’t categorize a post both as News AND Opinion/Analysis. The News category isn’t opinion free, but you can pick the one that you think best fits. But there are no extra points or advantage for using the most categories — that benefit comes by using Tags generously, making/assigning tags for any topic or person mentioned in your post. Those become search keywords and can lead people to your posts that would not otherwise find them. So I encourage you to use that field.


Option 1 (Recommended)

  1. Create a user account.


Option 2

  1. Fill out a contact form with your (text) content
  2. Any images or attachments will have to be uploaded off-site (free file-hosting services), with the link to that file included in your message.