Thursday, 26 Apr 2018
Tag: enviroment

19th Annual National Environmental Tar Creek Conference

Our 19th Tar Creek Conference will be held September 26 – 27  at NEO A&M College for an educational and inspirational experience. Topics this year include: Updates on Tar Creek Superfund Site: EPA, State of Oklahoma, and Quapaw Tribe clean up Long term Health Impacts from Lead Poisoning Environmental Impacts of Heavy Metals in Soil, […]

Oklahoma Water Protectors to plant sacred tobacco in path of Diamond Pipeline

Concerned individuals are intervening on behalf of all Oklahomans to ensure First Amendment rights are no longer violated. Individuals of many different backgrounds have come together to expose the corruptions, abuses of power, the destruction of the environment, and the trampling of human rights inflicted upon us by our elected officials and the companies they […]