Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Tag: mark davies

Coalition of the Sane

To my republican friends who know that Trump stands against everything you believe in: If Donald Trump becomes president, you will likely never see anything that closely resembles a party of which you can be proud for the foreseeable future. … Continue reading

It is Happening Here

I used to teach a course called Contemporary Political Theory in which I had students study Wilson, Lenin, Hitler, and Mao. We also read Jacques Ellul’s seminal work on propaganda. I mention this simply to say that I have actually … Continue reading

Oklahoma Dead Canary State Campaign

THE CANARY IS DEAD! Oklahomans must do something to transform the Oklahoma Legislature to bring about systemic change in our state. The Oklahoma Legislature’s underfunding of public education and other key services for Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens is a moral failure. … Continue reading

Put Your Weapons Down

This past week, the NRA and its advertising firm, Oklahoma City based Ackerman McQueen, published a video on the NRA News website that continued to stoke the fires of fear, hate, and distrust. The video displays how a terrorist, described … Continue reading

The 41%

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about the 1%, the 99%, the 98%, and even Romney’s 47%. All these numbers have made their way into our political discourse such that for the most part, … Continue reading