Thursday, 26 Apr 2018
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Left in Oklahoma Podcast Episode 27 Building a citizen lobby army

Feb. 19, 2018 – Spotlight on citizen advocacy at the State Capitol with Mom’s Demand Action, Let’s Fix This and Oklahoma Conference of Churches. The House Chaplaincy program seeks to block diversity. Criminal justice reform is working. Hunger Free Oklahoma. Hosted by Serena Blaiz. Theme music by Watermelon Slim, used with permission. Meme of […]

Pointing Left Podcast Episode 24 Jan 30 2018

Serena Blaiz ends a month hiatus by looking at a slurry of state of the ___ speeches. State of the Union terror alert, State of the State BS, State of the City elitism. Thankfully Bob Waldrop provides a solid alternative message about the real state/history of OKC and Rena expounds on the state of the resistance. Other news items and upcoming events.

How to vote in Oklahoma, from registration to casting your ballot

Thank you, Vlog Brothers! Intro to this series of 54 video/pages.  LINKS: Check your registration status:… Registration form:… Find your county election board:… Request an absentee/mail ballot:… Find a notary:…. Find your early voting location:… Find your polling place:… Find a sample ballot:… *** More states:… Google’s […]

Dead Canary States

Oklahoma and Kansas are dead canary states. Both have succumbed like a canary in a coal mine to the toxic air of a radically right wing, corporate controlled, fossil fuel dominated, theocratic leaning, and ALEC orchestrated republican government that has … Continue reading

Pointing Left podcast, episode 12 – Land Run protest, Let’s Fix This

An interview with Christina Owen about a protest in Norman of a city-sponsored event commemorating the Oklahoma Land Run in 1889 that ignores and offends native Americans. Then a report from Andy Moore about Let’s Fix This, a new grassroots initiative created to advocate for solutions to Oklahoma’s critical political and economic problems. Finally, a […]